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OPERATED BY: Seka Paper Mills
ADDRESS: Seka Isletme Mudurlugu Dalaman - Mugla - Turkey
TELEPHONE: 0252-697 56 00
LOCATION: Lat:36° 45' 20" N, Long.28° 55' 50" E
DESCRIPTION OF THE PORT: Port of Gocek located in the NW part of Fethiye Bay
APPROACHES: to Gocek Port leads through a deep channel between Gocek Island and Mainland, about 3 cables wide and 1 mile long. The speed should be at the min., because vessel is already approaching the berth. There are 2 flat unlit buoys, painted white and red about 80m. from shore, N.W. and N.E. from Akmaden Lighthouse. Both buoys marked "MY HALAS" on sides. In additional there are 2 small white buoys close S.W. part of berth, apparently marking entrance to yacht harbor.
PILOTAGE: is optional . Request for pilot should be made through local agent at least 48 hours in advance (on this particular vessel the pilot had been hired from Izmir.) Pilot service is recommended. Pilot boat about 1 mile SE of Gocek Island from the same boat, which is later used as a mooring boat.
TOWAGE: not available. Mooring boat is usually hired from local fishermen.
BERTHING:The port is perfectly sheltered from all winds and swell. There are numerous berths for pleasure and fishing craft in whole bay area, which is considered a tourist resort. Some of those berths have piers, protruding 20m. - 30m. from the shore, but none obstruct navigation or maneuvers.
In berthing port side alongside (which is recommended because of departure), during the maneuver vessel's stern will at times be quite close to mentioned buoys (LOA 135m. 12.000dwt.) Starboard anchor should be used well in advance in order to swing the vessel to starboard and to facilitate the departure (at least 4 shackles) Swinging area is quite restricted manevouvre should be done without any haste and carefully. Max. tide range is only 10-15cm. Throughout the year, with the exception of persistent Southerly wind periods, when slightly higher. At present the ports handling export of chrome ore and import of waste paper for nearby paper factory. Ships with cargo for the paper factory have priority to port.
Port of Gocek consists of a main berth, total length 157m. at a slight angle to main berth is the berth (92.5m. length) for small tankers of up to 1.000 dwt. Depth alongside the main berth are as follows: at the extreme S.W. part 10.4m. in the middle 11.5m. and at the extreme N.e. part 10.0m.
CARGO: is delivered to quay by trucks. Chrome ore is already loaded in square iron boxes, each truck 5-6 boxes, each box about 2.5 tons of ore. The boxes are hooked directly from trucks and emptied into holds. Daily rate with 3 gangs during consecutive 24 hours might reach over 1.500 tons. Weighing of cargo done on shore under Customs' control and draft survey not required. The cargo declared as lumpy chore ore, stowage factor 16cu.ft./ton, actually consists of about 50% medium size rocks and the rest is crushed/rubble.
Cargo Handling; No shore or mobile cranes available, all cargo handling by ship's gear.
FRESH WATER: is not available from quay.
BUNKER: is not available

DOCUMENTS AND GENERAL VIEWS: of these port; please see "A General View of Turkish Ports" in the ports of Turkey section.

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