OPERATED BY: Petkim, Petro Kimya Holding A.S.
ADDRESS: P.K. 12 Aliaga 35801 Izmir , TURKEY
TELEPHONE: (232) 616 32 40 /10 lines - 616 12 40 /8 lines
FAX: (232) 616 12 48 - 616 14 39 - 616 24 90
LOCATION: The bay is divided into two areas, the inner port and outer port. Inner port; is the area remaining between the imaginary line connecting the south end of the Petkim Petrochemical Complex's breakwater with Karacadogan Peninsula situated in position Lat.38 46 10 N long. 026 54 22 E. Outer port; is the area between interior port and Nemrut bay boundaries.
RESTRICTIONS: Mooring to or sailing from the Tanker quay from sunset to sunrise time needs the permission of Port Admistration.
ANCHORAGE AREAS: in the inner and outer ports are possible. However, anchorage within the area of 5 cables diameter of middle of interior port boundary is prohibited for safety of sea traffic. (Information on best location of anchorage will be given by Pilot station).
PILOTAGE: is compulsory for all vessels entering Nemrut Harbour. approximately 3 hours prior to arrival vessels can communicate with "PETKIM Pilot Station" on VHF channels 16 or 13. Pilot Boarding Point which is Lat. 38 deg 47 N and Long. 026 deg 54 E. Ýn outer port.
TOWAGE: and/or mooring boat compulsory arranged by pilot and and provided by Port admistration.
BERTHING: There are 6 berths; 3 berths for products and gas ships, 1 berth for naphtha (vessels berth stern to), 1 berth for caustic soda and 1 berth for general cargo vessel. The berths was well fendered.


1 Tanker Quay 163 -7 Load/Disch. Lines; 6 , 8 ,10 and 12 inc.
2 Tanker Quay 175 -10 Constructed for loading/discharging various chemicals such as ammonia, benzene, fuel oil, ethylene oxide, ethylene glycols, choric hydrocarbons, wash oil.
3 Caustic Quay 60 -6 Loading lines 8 inc for caustic, 4 inc. for hypochlorite.
4 Naphtha Quay 90 -14 Out of service
   Salt Quay 190 -6 Constructed for discharge of salt to be used at Chlorine Alkali Plant.
5 Tanker Quay 285 -13 Load/discharge of naphtha, benzene, ammonia, caustic, fuel oil.
6 General Cargo 338 -10 -7 Load/discharge of various petrochemical raw
   Quay (175+163)   Materials, products and equipment.
Petrol Ofisi Quay     Loading petroleum products.

CARGO HANDLING EQUIPMENTS: fixed/mobile cranes are available .1 mobile crane 270tons, 2 mobile cranes 150tons, 2 mobile cranes 110tons and 55 tons, mobile cranes of 12-30tons are available. 2 cranes 3 tons at salt quays,Salt is transferred by conveyor belt to the plant.
CARGO HANDLING RATES: Loading prophylene 30tons/hr, ECD 80tons/hr, Ethylene (as per shore request) is about 100tons/hr. Back Pressure Discharging pressure for Y.C..M. is 10 kgs/sqcm,for prophylene line is 20 kgs/sqcm.
FRESH WATER: not available at jetty, only quays by trucks.
BUNKER: available by barge only. (Notice to agent 48 hours required prior to berthing).
AIRPORT: At Izmir (Adnan Menderes) distance apprx.75 km from the port.
WORKING HOURS: Normally only during daylight for dry cargoes, 24 hours for liquids.
GARBAGE REMOVAL: service is available.
WASTE OIL DISPOSAL: Ballast line available. To waste treatment plant for ballast and slop disposal.

DOCUMENTS AND GENERAL VIEWS: of these port; please see "A General View of Turkish Ports" in the ports of Turkey section.

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