North Maritime Agencies can provide a set of highly skilled and experienced engineers who are well-structured as to operate worldwide at anytime, while being on a 24/7- basis standby mode.

Safety guidelines are strictly present during our operations in order to avoid human and environmental hazards, as well as to ensure the mechanical equipment welfare.

Our area of expertise includes all types of diesel engines such as:

  • Propulsion engines
  • Auxillary engines
  • Stationary engines
  • Generator sets
  • Offshore oil and gas
  • Cast iron welding (engine's block welding expertise)

Overhauling of diesel engines

Our team's proficiency is in charge of all stages of the engine's typical overhauling process:

Assembly -Removal/Dismantling -Inspection -Cleaning -Decarbonising -Calibration -Leak test -Pressure test

Turbocharger Overhaul

The overhaul process will consist of opening the turbocharger, safely relocate it to suitable deck areas, clean and maintain the rotor, ash blasting and finally balance and properly re-fit the equipment.

General Mechanics & Hydraulics

Additionally, our engineers will be able to fulfil a plethora of general mechanics tasks assigned by our customers. Those include:

  • Pumps - Cow Machines - Winches
  • Valves - Derricks - Cranes
  • Hydralift Cranes
  • Propellers - Shafts - Rudders
  • Compressors - IG Fans - ER Fans 
  • Forced Draft Fans - Gangways


  • Electro hydraulic cranes 
  • Towing winches
  • Mooring winches
  • Anchor windlass 
  • Thruster (Electric & Diesel driven)
  • Tank control system
  • Cargo grabs 
  • Steering gears


Pipe Fabrication and replacement

  • Licensed welders with highest class for X-Ray pipe joints, Low Temperature Steel and Stainless Steel pipe fabrication ยท Cargo Manifolds
  • Deck Pipelines, IG, Cargo, Fire foam lines
  • Pump Room pipes
  • Steam piping
  • Heating coils
  • High Pressure testing
  • High Pressure hydraulic lines

Steel fabrication

  • Licensed Welders
  • Hull Structure
  • Super Structure
  • Cranes, Jibs, Davits, Foundations
  • Cargo Hatches With Covers
  • Corroded Cargo Tanks
  • Handrails, Ladders, Platforms
  • Accommodation / Living Quarters Class Recommendations
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging Low detections of bonding, cast iron, welds etc.
  • Problems most often observed
  • Damages to Steel Constructions
  • Cracks in Hull Structure
  • Corrosion and Severe Wastage of Hull Plates, Internals, Foundations, Steel Constructions

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