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OPERATED BY: Delta Petroleum Products Co. - DORTYOL
TELEPHONE: (326) 734 16 20
FAX: (326) 734 16 37 -28
LOCATION: Lat:36° 51' N, Long:36° 09' E
DESCRIPTION OF THE PORT: Situated at the northern coast of Iskenderun Gulf. Black and with petroleum
products and LPG are handled at the terminal.
ANCHORAGES: is possible 2 miles west of the outer buoys.
RESTRICTIONS: Mooring is carried out during daylight only, Unmooring is carried out around the clock.
MAX.SIZE: The terminal accepts vessels up to 40,000 dwt or 220 m. LOA.
PILOTAGE: Compulsory. The pilot will meet vessels 1,5 miles off buoys. Provided by Toros Pilot on VHF channel 16, 13, 12.
TOWAGE: There are 4 tugs Provided by Botas terminal.
DENSITY: salt water 1027.
FRESH WATER: is not available. Tankers to be supplied with FW are to call Iskenderun before or after loading.
BUNKER: Through suppliers by barge.
AIRPORT: At Adana distance 100 km from the port.
BALLAST: Thera are no dirty ballast facilities. The vessel must arrive with clean ballast.
BERTHING: Vessel will moor at sea buoys. There are 4 berths . Each berth consists of 3 buoys (one portside ahead and 2 aft) Outer berth; for clean products only. Inner berth; for dirty and clean products.
Bunker berth; for vessels up to 5,000 dwt. For dirty products and LPG. No cranes available, vessels are required to use their own equipment.
LOADING: Clean products 2x8 in. hoses 1,200 t.p.h.
Dirty products 2x10in. hoses 2,000 t.p.h.
All ship's valves should be closed or blanked, except those required for loading and water circulation purposes.

DOCUMENTS AND GENERAL VIEWS: vessels are to call at Iskenderun for Saniatary, Custom and Immýgration clearance after


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