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OPERATED BY: Akport Tekirdag Liman Isletmesi A.S. (Akkok Holding)
ADDRESS: Liman Isletmesi Mudurlugu Kumbag Yolu Barbaros Yolu uzeri 59100 Tekirdag, Turkey
TELEPHONE: (0282) 261 08 00 - 261 22 55
FAX: (0282) 261 23 46
LOCATION: The area contained the direct line connection Kocaburun (Lat.40 50' 42"N., Long. 27 39' 30" E.) and the point where Derince River meets the sea (Lat.40 59'57"N., Long. 27 39' 50"E.).
DESCRIPTION OF THE PORT: The Tekirdag Port was privatized in June 25, 1997 and is managed by Akport Tekirdag Isletmesi, a member of Akkök Group of Companies, since then. Akport has two berths, New and Old. Brand new cranes and equipment provide services for Dry Cargo, General Cargo and Liquid Cargo (except fuel products) handling at these berths. In addition there are high quality services for high-draft ships that carry wheat and sunflower seeds at Akport's expense. There is a newly restored Ro-Ro ship's ramp to fulfill the needs of the state-of-the-art technology Ro-Ro ships. Akport's target is reaching global standards of modern ports with high quality services and new technology. The first stage of container terminal investment which started in August 1999, opened in May 2001. With all planned investments we target handling 3 million tons of General, Dry and Liquid Cargo and extending the capacity of handling containers to 150,000 TEU.
ANCHORAGE AREAS: Vessels can anchor in the Inner and Outer ports. (Information on best location of anchorage will be given by Pilot station)
PILOTAGE: is compulsory for berthing and unberthing, provided by the Akport Pilot.VHF channels 12, 16.
TOWAGE: and/or mooring boat compulsory arranged by pilot and provided by the Akport 2 tugs and 2 mooring boat available.
BERTHING: Akport Tekirdag Port operates in two berths including New Berth and Old Berth for both General and Liquid Cargo.
OLD BERTH; Constructed on the total area of 5.632 m2, mostly handles cabotage cargos. Besides cabotage cargos there are export-import goods handlings in this port as well

No 1 91m -6,5m General / Liquid Cargo
No 2 97m -8,7m General / Liquid Cargo
No 3 79m -6,7m General / Liquid Cargo
No 4 61m -5,5 General / Liquid Cargo

NEW BERTH; Has the total area of 21.172 m2. Brand new mobile cranes are used for loading and unloading. The berth where Dry Cargo, General Cargo and Liquid Cargo which are region's export-import goods are being handled and served in quality manner. Tekirdag - Trieste Ro-Ro transportation's route is operated in port.

No 1 252m -8 Gen.Cargo /Container / Ro-Ro
No 2 176m -12m Gen.Cargo/Conatiner
No 3 328m -12m Under Construction
No 4 356m -12m Under Construction
No 5 292m -8m Under Construction
No 6 343m -10m General/Bulk Cargo
No 7 327m -9,5m General/Bulk Cargo / Ro-Ro
No 8 679m -12m Grain (TMO SILO)

CARGO HANDLING EQUIPMENTS: 2 shore cranes of 3-5 tons capacity, 7 mobile cranes (2x100tons), (2x30tons), (3x25tons ), 5 forklifts of 3-5 tons capacity, 2 bobcat, 1 loader, 6 tractors,2 trailer mafi, 6 trailers, 2 loading equipments for liquids (vegoil) each 100 tons/hr and 4 unloading equipments for liquids each 20-50 tons/hr. Weigh-bridge 2x80 tons (New Berth) and 1x80 tons (Old Berth)
RO-RO SERVICE: between Tekirdag and Bandirma ports by July 05, 2001. The purpose of this service; "decrease in TIR and trucks traffic of Trakya and South Marmara Region
CARGO HANDLING RATE: Liquid oil 2lines for loading and 4 lines for discharging. Operations into trucks are under rcvrs/shippers responsibility (connection 4-6 inc. avrg. Rate 60 tons/hr load and 110 tons/hr. disch.) Wheat 300 tons/hr, Sand 200 tons/hr, General cargo 170 tons/hr.
STORAGE: In the new berth ,open storage area 19.000 sq.m. and bonded covered storage 500 sq.m and Grain Silo capacity of 70.000 tons. General cargo open storage area 4.000sq.m.
THE CONTAINER STORAGE: situated on the main terminal complex behind berths 1, 2 and 5 will initially be operated using a reach stacker system. The net storage area is 35,000 sqm. and has a total of 912 found slots and a static storage capacity of 2.500 TEU. There are 60 reefer points available. The terminal will also behave an inland container storage depot in the close proximity of the port for interim storage of empty containers.
FRESH WATER: available all berths, rate 40 t.p.h.
BUNKER: available by barge or trucks.
AIRPORT: At Istanbul distance apprx. 138 km from the port.
WORKING HOURS: operates 24 hours a day year round, First shift: 08.00 - 16.00. Second shifts: 16.00 - 24.00. Third shift: 24.00 - 08.00.
GARBAGE REMOVAL: service is available by barge.
WASTE OIL DISPOSAL: service is not available.
DEVELOPMENTS: Container terminal the berths 3, 4 and 5 under construction.



OWNED / MANAGED BY: TMO (Governmental Office for Ground Products)
TELEPHONE: (282) 261 22 68
FAX: (282) 261 11 97

DOCUMENTS AND GENERAL VIEWS: of these port; please see "A General View of Turkish Ports" in the ports of Turkey section.


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