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OPERATED BY: Gemlik Port and Warehousing Administration Co. Inc.
ADDRESS: Kocacukur Mevkii, P.K. 101 Gemlik 16600 , Bursa , Turkey.
TELEPHONE: (224) 524 88 31 / 6 lines - 524 77 20
FAX: (224) 524 88 30
LOCATION: 40° 25' N, 29° 07' E
Gemport is strategically located at the South East Coast of Marmara sea which is at the North West of Turkey and looks over a vast hinterland. The terminal, is the natural gateway to the most wealthiest and most populated areas of North West of Turkey , and it is strategically positioned on motorway networks that supplies the best links to and from the Marmara , Anatolia and North Aegean regions
MAX.SIZE: DEPTH/LOA/DWT: 12 m./230 m./50.000 DWT.
ANCHORAGE AREAS: Vessels must be clear of white buoys lying from Long. 29° 09' 02" E. (EP) to west for apprx. 750m. in Gemlik bay when anchoring. (Information on best location of anchorage will be given by Pilot station.)
PILOTAGE: is compulsory for berthing and unberthing and anchoring, provided by the GEMPORT Pilot VHF channels 14, 71 or 16.
TOWAGE: and/or mooring boat compulsory arranged by pilot and and provided by the GEMPORT.

No:1 105 12 General Cargo/Container/Ro-Ro
No:2 140 12 General Cargo/Container/Ro-Ro
No:3 100 12-25 General Cargo/Container/Ro-Ro
No:4 90 25-36 General Cargo/Container/Ro-Ro
No:5 112 25-36 General Cargo/Container/Ro-Ro
No:6 100 9-25 General Cargo/Container/Ro-Ro
No:7 82 9 General Cargo
No:8 110 7-20 General Cargo/Container/Ro-Ro

CARGO HANDLING EQUIPMENTS: mobile cranes; 2x40tons, 1x80tons and 2x100tons , containers stackers; 4x45tons, 2x42tons, 1x18tons, 1x7tons, Container spreaders; 4x35tons, 2x18tons, 1x 35 tons capacity RO-RO forklift with full automatic spreader, 13 forklifts between 3-30tons, 6 tractors 40-80tons, excavator, log stacker, scrap, peak iro equipments. Mobile cranes up to 400tons capacity available for hire. One electronic weight bridge of 100 tons capacity. Reefer plugs; 64 pcs x 380 v electric (extendable up to 256)
plugs for reefer containers.
CARGO HANDLING RATES: Discharging rates: Bulk Cargo 250tons/hr. General Cargo 100 Ton/Gang/Shift. Iron Product 200 Ton/Gang/Shift, Containers 15 TEU/hr..
RO-RO FACILITIES: The berths suitable for Ro-Ro ramp, due to the height of 2.5m.
STORAGE: 98.000 sqm. open area, 2.400 sqm. Transit shed, 5.000 TEU Container stock capacity, Container stacking area 150.000 sq.m. total area 450.000 sq.m.
PRINCIPAL IMPORT AND EXPORT GOODS: Imports: Steel roll, Iron products, Raw materials for textile and local industry, Automobile machinery parts, Urea, Paper roll, Coal, Logs, Iron scrap and fresh fruit.
Exports: Cotton yarn, Tobacco, Car, Textile, Mine and Minerals, Steel, Pipes, Ceramic products, Foodstuff,
Fresh fruit and Vegetable.
DENSITY: 1018-1019.
FRESH WATER: available on the all wharfs.
BUNKER: available by trucks.
AIRPORT: At Bursa distance apprx. 36 km and 150km to Istanbul Airport from the port.
WORKING HOURS: operates 24 hours a day year round. First Shift: 08.00-16.00hrs. Second Shift: 16.00-24.00hrs. Third Shift: 00.00-08.00hrs.
GARBAGE REMOVAL: service is available daily.
WASTE OIL DISPOSAL: An only water purification systems available at the capacity of 4.500 cu.m/year
DEVELOPMENTS: planning to extend the present custom bonded area.

DOCUMENTS AND GENERAL VIEWS: of these port; please see "A General View of Turkish Ports" in the ports of Turkey section.


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