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OPERATED BY: Nuh Cimento San. A.S.
ADDRESS: Akyar Mevkii 41800 Hereke / Kocaeli
TELEPHONE: (262) 511 39 75
FAX: (262) 511 41 21 - 511 26 73
LOCATION: 40° 42' 01" N, 29° 37' 30" E
PORT OF DESCRIPTIONS: Nuhport is located East of Hereke district within the provincial boundaries and is connected to E-5 highway and then to T.E.M motorway by a four-lane high standard road.
MAIN ACTIVITY: Cement related products and coal imports. Also working is aport, offering berth facilities
to third parties. Although the port is mainly used for cement, clinker loading and own consuming coal handling to meet a need of the group, it is capable to handling all kind of bulk cargoes including containers and timbers.
ANCHORAGE AREAS: please see "Gulf of Izmit" (Information on best location of anchorage will be given by Pilot station)
PILOTAGE: : is compulsory in the Gulf of Izmit from Darica to the port and for berthing and unberthing and anchoring, provided by the Dekas Pilot.VHF channels 12, 16.
TOWAGE: and/or mooring boat compulsory arranged by pilot and provided by the the Med-Marine.
BERTHING: The Company owns a private 250x65 m. L shaped seaport, allowing upto 50.000 DWT vessels berthing for loading or discharging for enabling the group to realize export - import operations easily.The max. depth is 11.5m..Max. allowed air draft for loading 13m. Height from the sea 7m.
BULK CARGO HANDLING FACILITIES: By making use of multi purpose crane, with a capacity of 650tons/hrs it became possible to load & discharge very rapidly the cargoes of the company arriving to our port. load/discharge effected by ship's gear. Weigh-bridge 1x80tons.
CARGO HANDLING RATES: Loading of cement in bags 1.000 - 1.500 mts/day/gang. Loading of cement in bulk Designed capacity of system; 1000 mt/ph cement and 1300 mt/ph clinker. Unloading coal 1.000 - 1.500 tons/day/gang by vessels own gear. It has been equipped with huge capacity jet filter in order to prevent dust
which can be occurred during loading.
STORAGE AREAS: 3.250 sqm open, 720 sqm covered, Total port areas 16.718 sqm.
PARKING AREA: 1.450 sqm
DENSITY: 1020-1022
FRESH WATER: available by barge and small quantities available the jetty.
BUNKER: available by barge only.
AIRPORT: At Istanbul distance apprx.100 km from the port.
WORKING HOURS: operates 24 hours a day year round,
GARBAGE REMOVAL: service is available by barge.
WASTE OIL DISPOSAL: service is not available.
DEVELOPMENTS: The automatic loading system planned by the company FLS / AMECO has been locally produced. The system has capable to move on rails and provide the vessel loading on their position

DOCUMENTS AND GENERAL VIEWS: of these port; please see "A General View of Turkish Ports" in the ports of Turkey section.


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