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A) OPERATED BY: Erdemir A.S.
ADDRESS: Kdz. Eregli, Zonguldak - Turkey
TELEPHONE: (372) 323 25 00 / 329 35 92 / 329 38 00
FAX: (372) 316 39 69 / 316 62 43
LOCATION: Lat:41° 15' N, Long:35° 28' E
PORT DESCRIPTIONS:One of the most important ports of western Black sea Turkish coast, 25 km from Zonguldak Inside of N and S. breakwater is called inner harbour. The harbour comprises a) Erdemir Port b) Eregli port (Military and T.T.K. Piers) c) Trawlers jetty.
RESTRICTIONS: Vessels of large deadweight are not permitted to berth at night. Tankers no facilities available.
ANCHORAGES: for the deep draft vessels is at least 1.0 miles west of north and south breakwater. However smaller vessels may anchor 0.5 miles West of the South breakwater.
PILOTAGE: Compulsory. Pilot will board vessels at a reasonable distance off the North breakwater (red-light)
VHF channel 16. provided by Erdemirpilot.
TUGGING: There are 5 tugs and 3 mooring boats available. Tugs normally join the the vessels outside the harbour and tug's lines are always used.
TURNING BASIN: Dia. 400 m.
SEA BOTTOM: Sand and mud.
DENSITY: average 1011-1012.
         1) Ore Pier: length 400 m, Draft max. 13.5 m, Height from Sea Level 4 m. 15,000 mts/day discharging
              2 ore unloader 1,500 mts/hrs. discharge, 2 coal/ore conveyors 2,500 mts/hrs. and 1,500 mts/hrs.               discharge and 1 ore conveyor 2,500 mts/hrs. discharging.
         2) Cargo Pier: Length 290 m,Draft 13.20 m, Height from Sea Level 4 m. Steel 5,000 mts/day discharging, 2              cranes 15 t, 1 crane 25 tons.
         3) Slag Pier: Length 70 m, Draft 6.50m. 1 conveyer 250 mts/hrs.
OTHER INFORMATION: Container handling and stacking facilities are available.
Special Ro-Ro ramp and TIR parking area facilities available.
WORKING HOURS: 24 hours. SHIFTS: 08.00-16.30, 16.30-24.00, 00.00-08.00.
FRESH WATER: Available. Order through agent rate 15 t.p.h. (apprx)
BUNKERS: diesel oil can be supplied by tank trucks
AIRPORT: The nearest airports are at Ýstanbul and Ankara, about 300 km. by road.
GARBAGE DISPOSAL: service is available.
DEVELOPMENTS: open and closed storage areas under construction.

B) OPERATED BY: KDZ.Eregli T.T.K. Isletmesi A.S..
ADDRESS: Kdz. Eregli, Zonguldak - Turkey
TELEPHONE: (372) 323 37 70
FAX: (372) 316 39 69 / 316 62 43
LOCATION: Lat:41° 18' N, Long:31° 26' E
DESCRIPTION OF PORT: length 400m. no shore crane and has loading conveyor that is capacity 300 mts/h.
And discharging rates 700 mts/h for general cargoes and working hours 08 - 23 hrs.

DOCUMENTS AND GENERAL VIEWS: of these ports; please see "A General View of Turkish Ports" in the ports of Turkey section.

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