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OPERATED BY: Cakiroglu Giresun Liman Isletmesi A.S. - Turkey
PHONE.: 0 (454) 216 24 47 -216 14 90
FAX: 0 (454) 212 17 34
LOCATION: 40 56 N, 38 24 E
DESCRIPTION OF THE PORT: Giresun port is situated on the eastern part of Black Sea. The port is protected by two breakwaters (Northern breakwater to be prolonged 220m more) During the periods of high transit traffic, when the ports in Trabzon and Hopa become insufficient; the transit cargoes are handled in the port of Giresun. The most important export item of the port is barite mineral.
ANCHORAGES: Waiting anchorage is Northward of the main breakwater with good holding ground. Anchoring at the entrance is forbidden.
PILOTAGE: Compulsory. Provided by the port administration
TOWAGE: 1 x 750 h.p. Compulsory for all foreign flag vessels.

No.1 Passenger
No.2 General Cargo
No.2 Service wharf

HANDLING EQUIPMENT : 4 shore cranes of 3 to 10 tons cap. (1x3 T at No.1, 2 x 3 T, 1 x 10 T) 5 Mobile cranes of 5 to 60 tons cap. 8 forklifts of 3 to 10 tons cap.2 tug master - trailer set
RO/RO & CONTAINER FACILITIES: Available on the passenger quay.
BULK CARGO FACILITIES : There is a silo of 15000 tons capacity available. Daily discharge rate; Grain 3.000 tons , fertilizer 1.000 tons, coal 1.000 tons, ore loading rate 1.000 tons.
TANKERS MOORNING: 40 55 N, 38 25 30 E there is a tanker berth with mooring buoys for stern discharging refined products. Discharge rate 250 tons/hr.
NOTE : Drugging and additional quays are planning
STORAGE: 54349 sqm open, 2325 sqm covered
FRESH WATER: Available at all berths. Order through agent rate 10 t.p.h. (apprx)
BUNKER: Available by trucks through suppliers.
AIRPORT: At Trabzon. Approximately 130 km from the port.
GARBAGE DISPOSAL: service is compulsory.
WASTE OIL DISPOSAL: service is not available

DOCUMENTS AND GENERAL VIEWS: of these port; please see "A General View of Turkish Ports" in the ports of Turkey section.


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